Ana Christensen is the artist behind AnaWerks, crafting cut paper into fine art, greeting cards, and portraits. Each design is transformed into layers of paper, cut by hand, one at a time.

Custom Garlands

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Custom Garlands

from 15.00

Let us create a custom garland just for you! Celebrate a special occasion, your favorite movie or TV show, or just add a family phrase to your decor. Perfect for any wedding, living room, baby shower, or convention hotel room, each garland is cut by hand to your specifications.

Each garland is cut by hand from paper and strung together with brads and ribbon. One side will be cardstock for stability, and other side may be cardstock or patterned paper. Since you choose the phrase, the length may vary. Letters are approximately 5 inches tall. For reference, "Make it so" is about 4 feet long, and "So say we all" is about 6 feet long.

Here's how it works:

1. You choose your favorite phrase or line to be made into a garland.

2. You check your own spelling.

3. Choose your colors. I will send you a paper preview before I start cutting.

4. Once you've placed your order, I start making your garland. 

4. About 7 - 14 days after you place your order, I ship you the garland Priority USPS mail.

The fine print:

1. Artist reserves the right not to cut racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic language. If this happens to you, I will let you know and will refund you the order.

2. Like my other work, these are made of paper, and should be kept from moisture and high humidity (eg: not in the bathroom, not in the kitchen).

3. Want to check with me first for a big idea? Email me at I can make you a custom listing.


Small Garlands (1 - 10 letters) - $15

Medium Garlands (11 - 20 letters) - $30

Large Garlands (20 - 30 letters) - $50

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